Lindsay DesRochers




 Special Effects Artist                                       Lab Technician                            Licensed Esthetician


Industry Experience


M. E. L. Make-Up & Effects Laboratory Inc. Lab Tech., North Hollywood, CA – August 2009-Present


                   Dinner for Schmucks

Two piece and one piece molds with Ultracal 30 and Hydrocal and Silicone, positives made,

Ran Ecoflex and TC-1630 fingers and TC- 276 polyfoam head

Upper teeth cast on two actors and positives made

Assisted in Body Double full head cast and Alginate leg cast

                   Museum Display

Vacuforming on 4ft x 4ft machine with Styrene and Kydex,

Reinforced Alginate snap molds and positives made


                   Universal Studios

Ran Featherlite Plastic crowns, sanded, seamed, bonded, and airbrushed crowns,

Lace fronted a wig, then added latex to the front,

Two pieces and one piece molds with Ultracal 30 and Hydrocal

Seamed latex  Frankenstein gloves and cut out Frankenstein hair pieces

                   The Losers 

Ran Pros-Aide transfers


                   Criminal Minds

Assisted in a Body Double full head cast

                   In house work

Ran wig forms out of Flex-Foam It 10, Foam It 5 and Foam It 3,

Punched eyebrows, mustache and goatee, and laid hair (full head ),

Ran polyfoam body,

Full head cast with Algi-Safe, Full head cast with Body Double,

Machined parts (pillow boxes) for a rotocaster


               Simon Cowells House

Made 1065 Silicone mold and ran PMC 780 gaskets



Assisted in two Body Double full head casts

Assisted in running Dragon Skin FX Pro appliances backed with PTEG  vacuforms



Ran and seamed latex and polyfoam Goomba heads,

Vacuformed paint display holders out of Styrene



Ran Pros-Aide  transfers

Made 1065 Silicone molds

Made polyurethane body with armature wire and Gel 10 silicone hands



Assisted in running encapsulated Dragon Skin FX Pro Silicone appliances

Made molds out of 1065 silicone and TC 1630

Made vacuforms out of PTEG

                  The JFK Experience

Assisted in Body Double Full Head Life cast

Made a  three piece matrix mold with an Ultracal 30 jacket and ran positives out of Ultracal 30 and Hydrocal



Assisted in four Body Double full head lifecasts

                  Shark Night

Assisted in a Body Double full head lifecast



Made molds out of plaster and 1065 silicone

Ran Pros-Aide transfers


                   Horrid Henery

Made molds out of ultra-Cal 30, 1630 Resin and Gel 10 silicone

Ran encapsulated silicone pieces



Assisted in full head lifecast

Made molds out of Ultra-Cal 30

Ran Foam Latex Appliances


                   Detroit 187

Ran Geletian appliance



Ran Pros-Aide transfers



Assisted in Body Double mid section lifecast

Assited in running 1082 Silicone mermaid tail with armature wire

Ran Pros-Aide transfers



Assisted in four 3/4 head Body Double lifecasts

Made Gel 10 and Ultra-Cal 30 molds

Ran encapsilated silicone appliances


                  Many projects performed with other artists and interns


Autonomous F/X Inc. Special Effects Artist, Van Nuys, CA - June 2009


                   Red Ice

Sculpted and molded teeth, Vacuformed teeth out of PTEG and sculpted stalactite tooth out of acrylic


Assisted in running a latex and polyfoam body

Lab Work  From Student Films




                   Pain – AFI

Ran Cine Skin Silicone leg with polyfoam center, inserted tubing for blood

Seamed silicone leg, Painted silicone leg by hand with  airbrush 


                   The Infinite Game – Chapman 

Partial face and chest cast with Alginite, Made negatives of face and chest appliances

Ran G.M. Foam Latex  appliances

                      Dinner with Fred

Assisted in running encapsulated silicone Appliances






Associate in Specialized Business Degree & Diploma

2007-2009                    Douglas Education Center, Monessen, PA    

 Tom Savini Special Make-Up Effects Program (16 months) 

                                     Esthetician Program, 450 Hours

Alpha level IV Award & Presidents Award 

Tom Savini's Certificate Of Excellence Award


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